Washing Instructions

You can pop your baby bib in the washing machine along with your normal laundry. But note, the bibs can only be washed on a heat setting up to 30c. Anything over this and it will damage the water-repellent coating on the bibs. Washed at this temperature the bib will perform well. but the best way to clean your bibs in by hand in warm soapy water.

Instead of putting them in a dryer, we recommend you to air dry the bibs. This has the following two benefits: Delicate bibs can get damaged due to the strong mechanical action of dryers. Air drying is a gentler method for drying bibs. Sunlight acts as a germicide. The bibs will be more hygienic after you air dry them.

Antibacterial washing soaps have harsh chemicals that can destroy the delicate fabric of baby bibs. The same goes for stain remover chemicals. The antibacterial washing soaps usually have an abrasive quality to them which can cause harm to the water-repellent fabric of the bib.

Use specially formulated baby laundry detergents for washing baby bibs. These detergents are easy on the fabric and don’t strip the bibs of their water-repellent qualities.